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Just for fun

Found this at fanfic.com
I thought is was a cool little predictive thing, and hey my birthday is in October so if my wish comes true... yay me!

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Finally a post.

About time, you might say...

I'm bad what can I say. *L* I write for work and forget how much easier it is to post here.

So what's been happening? Well, I got a new computer but it died yesterday... I don't use it home just for work or when I'm on the road and I miss it,  HP is going to try to raise the dead.. Good luck.

I had a stress test and ultrasound on my heart, it was sorta cool. Freaky in a way. But they have judged my heart strong enough for surgery I have a bit of a problem with it that I take digoxin to keep in check. No problemo, dude!
The major problem was having to fast for the testing that ran on Monday and Wednesday, and NO CAFFEINE for 24 hours before each test. Almost killed me *L*

I'm taking a quilting class... I'm not very good, my sewing machine keeps trying to eat the fabric, I'm pretty sure it's not suppose to work that way *L* but it should look cool, there is two different pattern blocks and it is in blues and purples.

Time to cook dinner



Clock watching.

YAY, it's less then two hours and I can have chocolate and flour, and I'm going to have a brownie bite.

Why do I have to wait? Well, I gave them up for Lent.

I'm not Catholic but my Mum was, so I do it for her. I like the challenge of it and having gone to Catholic School and mass growing I understand the principal of it.

Yesterday I covered a live Stations of The Cross for the paper. The actually walked across the city, and with live people acted them out all the way through the Crucifixion and during tomorrows services they will have the Resurrection.

So back to me, 12:01 look out Brownie Bite, here I come. After over 40 days I'm having the best thing Chocolate and flour can make!



I can play Editor...

 This week the editor is on vacation, I get to play editor.

He's going to be moving away and they will hire someone... not me.... to be editor.

It won't be enough to put it on my resume but hey, it's still cool.

Monday will be the first day with the new publisher, everyone is worried.

I don't know if I will like him or not so I thing I will just earphone it for the first day or so and hide.

Wish me luck!


I know him...

I'm watching the new show, "Harpers Island" and who do I see...

Ben Cotton, Stargate Atlantis' ownPeter Kavanagh.

At first glance he is just as annoying on both shows.


Wonderful timing...

 Can any one tell me why family always waits till the worse times to hit you with rotten news? Work of all places... UGH

And when they screw up they never say a word until... say... the electricity is turned off....

*hits head on desk, several times*

So now we have to wait for them to turn it back on (And pay a $25 reconnect fee) because the check rode around in the car FOREVER...

So maybe we will have electricity tonight or else dinner is barbecue.


Writer's Block: Heavenly Bodies

If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it?

Help with orchids?

 I got an orchid today but I have no idea what to do with them.

Does any one have any hints? I'm going to Google, but are there any special tricks? Light, water, vitamins, peanut butter?

Any help is appreciated!!



Panic Mode!

 My publisher is gone. The moved him to a paper in Oregon and we are getting some new person, it looks like the big boss' son who thinks he is "The Shit".

We are not sure what is going to happen, when he took over the papers down south, he strutted around and then changed everything to show he was the big boss, and screw you if you don't like it.  

I'm thinking, we all are thinking there are going to be personnel changes.

*thumps head on desk*

I guess we will see what happens.


Just to be on the safe side.

 With the uncertainty in the world of newspaper journalism, layoffs here and there, even whole papers closing down things are bad. And as the reporter of a small town paper and low person on the food chain (last reporter to be hired) , I'm first inline to be laid-off. One of the other reporters would have to cover the stories for my paper, the extra work sucks for them and for me... well I would be (insert the first REALLY bad word you can think of here)!!!

So I have decided, I'm going to take the class to get what is called a Guard Card. 

A Guard Card will allow me to work as a security guard, something that is needed, not something that I really want to do, but something that should the worse happen I should be able to slip into a job pretty quickly, I hope.

I'm hoping everything will be fine, this is really a great job.
I got to meet and shake hands with the Presidente. Yes, Presidente not President Obama (That would have been really cool). President Camacho is mayor of GF's sister city in Mexico, GF being the city I represent for the paper. Yep, I get paid for this! Cool huh!

On a different note, do not order an Americano with six shots from Starbucks. I think I glow in the dark and I may never sleep again.




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